Hypopressive RSF Level 1 Instructor

At this level the student will learn the basic tools to start training with the Hypopressive Method in a correct, healthy and effective way. Likewise, he will know the concepts and the basic foundation on which the method is based in order to apply them with clients, focusing them on the improvement of physical condition and health and on the prevention of possible dysfunctional pathologies.

Theoretical contents:

  • Origin and evolution
  • Definition
  • Application and benefits
  • Physiology and biomechanics concepts
  • Pathophysiology and its prevention

Practical contents:

  • Basic exclusion and assessment tests
  • Programs: Hypo patterns, Hypo warm-up and Hypo start training and their development
  • Hypo RSF teaching

Hypopressive RSF Level 2 Expert Instructor

At this level the student will learn the neuro-physiology related to the method, as well as the procedures to develop sessions with their students individually or in groups.

Theoretical content:

  • Requirements of a hypopressive exercise
  • Anatomy, histology and neurology of the abdominal girdle
  • Autonomic Nervous System and general neuro-vegetative tonicity transfer law
  • Physical activity and intra-abdominal barometric management, related pathophysiology for its prevention
  • Urinary stress incontinence
  • Prolapses
  • Hernias

Practical content:

  • Advanced exclusion and assessment tests
  • Review and update of the Hypo patterns, Hypo warm up and Hypo start training programs
  • Hypo basic program
  • Teaching