Hypopressive RSF
Hypopressive RSF - Reprogramación Sistémica Funcional

Hypopressive RSF is a “Hypopressive exercise program” focused on improving health, fitness and sports performance and preventing abdominal, lumbar and pelvic problems among others.

Hypopressive exercises are Postural exercises that do not increase abdominal pressure or decrease it, and in the medium term improve the management of abdominal and pelvic internal pressure caused by any exercise

The Hypopressive Method is structured in various programs that range from therapy to sports performance, improving the function of the human body according to their specific needs.

At this level of training the student learns the principles of the Hypopressive Method as well as the related concepts of neuro-physiology and anatomy. The goal is to understand how the method works and learn the exclusion and assessment tests as well as the three basic HypoRSF programs: Hypo patterns, hypo warm-up and hypo start training.

Practicing these programs on their own or with other classmates and with student/client volunteers, you can integrate the technique of the exercises and teaching that will bring maximum benefits to the students.

In this second level of training, the main objective is for the student to learn in more depth the foundation of the Hypopressive method, have a deeper understanding of the concepts learned during the first level and learn new exercises of the Hypo basic program, which will allow the instructor to adapt the program to any type of student or client.

After this second level and after the written and practical exam, the instructor will be able to help first level students to better understand the concepts and to improve their execution and technique in order to pass their certification level.

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