Hypopressive RSF Level 2 Expert Instructor
November 15th-17th 2019



At this level the student will learn the neuro-physiology related to the method, as well as the procedures to develop sessions with their students individually or in groups.

Theoretical content:

  • Requirements of a hypopressive exercise
  • Anatomy, histology and neurology of the abdominal girdle
  • Autonomic Nervous System and general neuro-vegetative tonicity transfer law
  • Physical activity and intra-abdominal barometric management, related pathophysiology for its prevention
  • Urinary stress incontinence
  • Prolapses
  • Hernias

Practical content:

  • Advanced exclusion and assessment tests
  • Review and update of the Hypo patterns, Hypo warm up and Hypo start training programs
  • Hypo basic program
  • Teaching